Exhibitor Packages
All Packages include:
  • Recruiter booth with company name sign, table, drapes, 2 chairs
  • Continental breakfast, hot & cold buffet lunch (for 2) coffee & water throughout the day
  • Company name on the job fair web page with direct link to company’s job page
  • 25 word company profile and color logo in Job Fair printed section

  •  Access to private interviewing room
  • Scanned copy of all resumes collected throughout the fair
  • Continuous company exposure in print & online marketing promotions
  • Online display impressions
  • 30 day posting
  • Facebook boosted post
Silver Package
  • 1/16 (3.22”w x 3.75”deep) page full color display ad the Sunday prior to event
1x Rate: $885 / 2x Rate: $835 / 3x Rate: $785 / 4x Rate: $735
Gold Package
  • 1/8 (3.22”w x 4.75” deep) page full color display ad the Sunday prior to event
  • Free internet access
1x Rate: $985 / 2x Rate: $935 / 3x Rate: $885 / 4x Rate: $835
Platinum Package
  • 1/4 (6.61”w x 7.5” deep) page full color display ad the Sunday prior to event
  • Free internet access
1x Rate: $2,000 / 2x Rate: $1,900 / 3x Rate: $1,800 / 4x Rate: $1,700
PDF Rules and Regulation Mobile Friendly Rules and Regulation


Times Union Health Care Fair - Exhibitor Registration

January 16, 2017
February 22, 2017
April 18, 2017
July 25, 2017
Oct 9, 2017
Electricity: $25
Extra Table - Counter Height: $30
Extra Table - Standard Height: $25
Internet Connection: $70 per line
Extra Stools: $20
Extra Lunch: $25
Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package
I attest with my initials that I have downloaded and read the 22-point Rules and Regulation Form.
 Rules & Regulations
  1. Exhibit booths must be staffed at all times throughout the show by qualified representatives of the exhibitor. Exhibitors are also expected to keep their booths attractive and clean throughout the course of the show.
  2. Liability for loss, theft, property damage or destruction and personal injury:
    1. Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims against the show management, their agents or representatives resulting from loss, theft, damage, or destruction to its property, or from personal injuries to it, its agents, and/or employees.
    2. Exhibitor assumes full and complete responsibility for any damage that may occur when moving exhibit material in or out of facility, or destruction of property of others, or exhibitors participating in the consumer show. Exhibitor hereby waives any right of indemnification which it may have against the show management, their agent or representatives for any and all claims arising from exhibiting.
  3. Insurance: It is expressly acknowledged that the show management has not purchased insurance of any kind for the benefit of the exhibitor, nor is it under any obligation to do so.
  4. No part of any exhibit or any signs relating thereto fore, shall be pasted, nailed or otherwise attached to the walls, doors, etc., without the written approval of show management and in any way as to deface same, damage arising by failure to observe these rules shall be paid by the exhibitor. PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors must use measures to protect the exhibit hall, exhibit booth partitions, tables, chairs, wall columns, and floors from all damages. The exhibitor will be held responsible and charges by the facility for any damage to their equipment, building, ground, or for cleanup caused by paint, grease, oil abrasives, or excess debris left in exhibitor’s space. Show management has the right to dismantle and pack any property exhibitor has failed to pack by move-out deadline, or may order such work to be done, at the sole expense of the exhibitor. The Show Management shall have the right and the authority to clear such property from the exhibit premises, designate carriers for its return, send it to public or private storage, or otherwise dispose of it, without incurring liability therefore. All cost of such removal, return, storage and other disposition shall be charged to and paid by the exhibitor.
  5. All exhibitors must conform to the size of their space and must not be of such character or arrangement as to obstruct the view, or interfere with, the exhibits of others. Nothing shall be displayed at a height above the back wall of the booth, which is 8’. This does apply to the display of lighting fixtures or equipment on demonstration. Exhibitors having displays requiring greater height than the 8’ limits for their background dis play may arrange with management for space on the perimeter. Where additional depth is required the pro rata rate per square foot will apply. All exposed parts of display partitions must be finished or covered so they do not present an unsightly appearance when viewed from adjoining booths or aisles.
  6. The rights and privileges of an exhibitor shall not be infringed upon by any other exhibitor. Interviews, demonstrations, distribution of literature, etc., must be made inside the exhibitor’s booth. If shows or demonstrations are planned within the exhibit space, the space must be able to contain a reasonably sized audience. Aisles cannot be blocked and canvassing outside of booth is forbidden.
  7. Motion picture projectors, and other apparatus must conform to the state and/or city fire regulations. All draperies or other fabrics must be fireproofed before entering into the decoration of any exhibit. Paper decorations, distribution of any adhesive slogan material, and use of propane are NOT PERMITTED. Electrical wiring must conform with the national Electrical Code Safety Rules.
  9. Unethical conduct or infraction of rules, on the part of an exhibitor or their representatives, or both, will subject the exhibitor or the representatives to dismissal from the exhibit hall, in which event, it is agreed no refund shall be made by the exhibit manager and further than no demand for redress will be made by the exhibitor or their representatives.
  10. The Show Management will not be liable for the fulfillment of this lease as to delivery of space if non delivery is due to any of the following causes by reason of; the building being destroyed by fire, acts of God, strikes, the authority of the law, or for any other causes beyond the Show Management’s control.
  11. Playing of any music by an exhibitor is expressly forbidden and/or anyone doing so will be responsible for payment of the licensing fee required. Show management, their agents or representatives will not be responsible for any music used that doesn’t conform to these standards.
  12. Your company representatives, or your agents shall be held jointly, collectively and individually responsible for any and all debts incurred, for all exhibit costs, fees or changes.
  13. Exhibits and Public Policy: Exhibitor is charged with knowledge of all laws, ordinance and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety, while participating in this showing. Compliance with such laws is mandatory for all exhibitors and sole responsibility is that of the exhibitor.
  14. Loud speakers, radios, television sets, or the operation of any machinery or equipment which is of sufficient volume as to be annoying to neighboring exhibitors will not be permitted.
  15. Subletting of space: The exhibitor shall not assign, sublet, or share space assigned or have representatives, equipment or materials from firms other than their own in the exhibit space without written consent of the Show Management.
  16. Soliciting for exhibits or any other reason by registered or unregistered persons, firms, or associations is strictly forbidden. Violation of this regulation will result in removal from the show premises immediately and is subject to any and all remedies available by law.
  17. The Show Management has the right to refuse an exhibitor on the grounds of noncompatibility with the event. Management reserves the right to approve the character and contents, including signs and placement of sign, in all exhibits. Any exhibit which does not meet Management’s approval may be removed from the show.
  18. Exhibitor’s exhibit must be set up and “ready for business” prior to opening of show. Exhibitor agrees to keep their exhibits open and staffed during show hours and not dismantle prior to show closing.
  19. Sale or sampling of food or beverages is prohibited during the show. However, exhibitors may request written approval from show management in instances where exhibitor wishes to distribute bite size specialty food samples that are relative and pertinent to the exhibitor’s business.
  20. Raffles, contests, or drawings appropriately relating to an exhibit are allowed when no money changes hands. Under laws governing games of chance, every exhibitor operating games of chance, lotteries, etc., is charged with the knowledge of national, state, and local legal restrictions on such operations.
  21. Show management reserves the right to modify the floor plan at any time.
  22. All points covered herein are subject to settlement by Show Management
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